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Company Profile

Kam Long Industrial Co., Ltd is a foreign investment enterprise located just north of Macau in the city of Zhuhai. At Kam Long we utilize modem equipment and technology and have highly experienced and skilled technicians and workers on site.

What we offer to you is one stop service from consultation, to technical drawing, to prototyping, to mold making, to pre-production all the way through to delivery.

The ranges of product we manufacture are quite diverse: we produce plastic seasonal decorative items, sport accessories, stationary products, and high quality key chains and metal pins. We also specialize in manufacturing premium and promotional items, disposable medical device, direct food contact toys and packing, cosmetic container and packing, all manipulated in strict hygienic standards.

With over 20 years of improving and upgrading our skills and services, we are recognized for our high standards in quality by our clients.

Kam Long has achieved the ISO9001:2000 certification.

We welcome your inquires and cordially invite you to visit our Zhuhai facilities.